On August 6, the next meeting of the Provisional Board of the International Federation of Armwrestling (IFA) was held, at which, in addition to working questions related to the preparation of the IFA 2019 World Armwrestling Championships, the following agenda was considered:

  1. Approval of applications for new IFA members – national federations and individuals. 
  2. Development of the contract for the IFA World Championships, in particular for the organization of a competition for the IFA 2020 Championship.

3. Improving the communication of the IFA with the armwrestling community, in particular, the development strategy of the Federation’s web resources.

On the first point of the agenda, the applications of 4 candidate countries were approved:

Cambodia – Cambodia Armwrestling Federation

Costa Rica – Asociacion Deportiva Nasu

Japan – Japan Armwrestling Association

Portugal – Portuguese Armwrestling Association

Applications from another 14 countries are in the works – national organizations send up the necessary documents.

IFA President Anders Axklo noted that the executive committee asks applicants to be patient, as the application process is organized in such a way that the IFA administration has the opportunity to make sure the participation of candidate organizations in the armwrestling movement in their countries is real. 

2. On the second question, IFA Secretary Kirill Yakovlev reported that already today several countries have expressed a desire to host the IFA World Championship in 2020. Therefore, the committee decided to develop, as soon as possible, the necessary documentary base for the most correct and democratic choice of the country that will host the IFA 2020 World Armwrestling Championship.

3. On improving communication with the armwrestling community, it was decided to make a series of live broadcasts and interviews with the aim of answering all the questions related to the development of IFA that arise in various communication channels. Also, all news will be published on the official IFA website www.armsportfederation.com.

IFA Provisional Board