On Sunday, September 22, 2019, the next meeting of the Directorate of the International Armwrestling Federation (IFA) was held.

The following agenda was considered:

1. Preparation for the IFA World Cup 2019.
2. Consideration of applications for entry and admission of new members.
3. Preparation of an information package for consideration at the IFA General Assembly.

On preparation for the IFA 2019 World Championship, IFA Vice President Anna Mazurenko said that the number of athletes and teams wishing to take part has already exceeded the expected numbers and that corrections are already being made to the technical schedule of the event.
The IFA Directorate once again confirmed that there will be NO mandatory registration at the “official” hotels at the IFA World Championship.
Several applications for membership were considered and following the results of consideration in the IFA, the following countries were accepted:

Denmark – Dansk Armbrydning Forbund
Singapore – Singapore Armwrestling
South Africa – South African Golden Arms Federation
Sweden – Svenska Armsportsförbundet
Greece – Hellenic Armwrestling Federation
Slovakia – Slovak Union of Armwrestling

Congratulations for new members !!!