About IFA

International Federation of Armwrestling is a democratic non-profit sport organization registered in Zurich, Switzerland.


Founding countries:

International Federation of Armwrestling aims:

  1. Comprehensive development of the armwrestling sports discipline worldwide.
  2. Promotion of the armwrestling sports discipline through all available communication and media channels.
  3. Representing the interests of the members of the National federations in international and national government organizations, international sports organizations, including the International Olympic Committee and other related institutions.
  4. The development of the amateur armwrestling for all people, regardless of age groups, nationality, religion, gender and race.
  5. Implementing unified competition rules and safety standards to the armwrestling training and competition throughout the world.
  6. Organization and running the World Armwrestling Championship, as well as National and Continental qualifying championships.
  7. Applying maximum efforts to create favorable conditions for the development of sports, training and fair competitive process.
  8. Cooperation with international and national anti-doping agencies and government organizations.