IFA European Championship

International Federation of Armwrestling (IFA), Ukrainian Armwrestling Federation (UAF), Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion, Professional Armwrestling League of Ukraine and City Kyiv are proudly invite you to the 1st IFA European Armwrestling Championship.

It is open to the Federations that have joined, and to all individual members from countries without National Federations–members of IFA.

The Championships will be doping controlled, and all divisions of junior, masters, seniors and disabled will be added.

There will be no limit to number of athletes allowed from one nation in one category. National federations that have joined will be the only entity allowed to register athletes from their nation. Individual membership is only possible from nations lacking a National Federation – member of IFA. For all the years of the existence and development of armwrestling in the world, Ukraine is ready to meet the first significant event for armwrestling, the first European Championship. The dates of the European Championship – June 4-8, 2020. In the heart of Ukraine there is everything you need for a comfortable stay and the holding of such a large-scale tournament.
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